Smokehouse Products Mini Chief Top Load Smoker Review

Smokehouse Products Mini Chief Top Load Smoker


Mini Chief as the name mini indicated this smoker by Smokehouse is one of the smallest of all the brand’s products. The size of this Mini Chief Top Load Smoker is so small that it is considered as a pocket version of an electric smoker. Due to the smaller size the cooking and smoking capacity of this smoker is comparatively lower than other smokers i.e. this one can smoke up to 15 pounds. While others can smoke up to 50 pounds. But even fifteen pounds is reasonable enough for beginners or for pros who have a small group of friends coming or just the neighbors living next door.

This pocket size version of an electric smoker has a heating element of 250 watt and can be adjusted without much efforts. The heating element goes well with the standard size of Smokehouse’s this product. Also to add, there are two cooking grids present in the Mini Chief Top Load Smoker.

These two grids are also easy to fit and smoke up to fifteen pounds of food to smoke. All the features are user-friendly of Mini Chief Top Load Smoker. If you are wondering about the exact measurement then know that the company states this product of theirs measures 14’’ x 11-1/2’’ x 11-1/2’’.

The features of Mini Chief Top Load Smoker is as same as that of Smokehouse Products Little Chief Smoker and Big Chief Smoker. It is the mini size that makes this smoker different from the other two of the very same brand. Portability exist in all the three products that Smokehouse offers.

Even the price of this top load smoker is very economical and it will not go hard on your wallet. Hence making it even better option to go for smaller families or social circle. In short it is a complete package.

The interesting point of this mini size is that it makes it really easy for buyer to move the top load smoker. He/she can carry the top load smoker in or outside home. The individual with a bit of assistance of another can load it into the truck and go for camping nearby.

There are brands each having their own smokers and grills to offer you, but the mini size of this smoker helps you in camping activities more easily. Also if you do not have larger social circle and still into smoking then fifteen pound is enough to manage smaller circles to smoke favorite stuff.

Since it is not just about exaggerating facts but rather honest reviews of the consumers that has made more important to highlight this smoker so that when the reader wants to know important things regarding this product they would know that they are on the right page.

The Smokehouse Products Mini Chief Top Load Smoker makes every item that is smoked in it really tasty.

The heating element of Mini Chief Top Load Smoker goes up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature gives splendid smoking results. One does not need to worry about wood smoking, or the food getting over-cooked. There is no hustle of connecting the smoker with digital systems like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Just plug in the wire in to the output, place meat, fish, sausages, jerky, ribs or whatever item you want to on the grill and close the door. Let the smoker handle the rest.

Such has been contributions of this smoker since ages. The Smokehouse has been beating smokers’ market since 1960s and so they know what to produce? How to satisfy customer and with what? And what is their basic need or demand keeping the level of functionality as simple as possible.

Yes, there is not much rocket science in operating this smoker. Just to update the reader, you will find an instruction booklet with Big Chief and Little Chief Top Load Smokers that Smokehouse offers and so will you with Mini Chief Top Load Smoker.

Though there is no requirement of any assembling but just in case there are random queries or general questions that are crossing mind in regards of the product then you can clear from the inquiry book. Also to say, there comes a recipe book having different cooking recipes. You can cook those items using this smoker or smoke. Do not miss the chance to be hero of your neighbor!

The maintenance and cleanliness is not much of a difficult task. There comes a dishwasher and a drip pan. The drip pan stores the extra grease or oil that drops while the food is in the cooking process. You can use the dishwasher to do the cleaning of accessories then. It is that simple.

You can place wood in the wood the wood flavor pan easily without bothering to open the door again and again. This saves from the loss of heat and great taste is developed and maintained.

Main features of Smokehouse Product Mini Chief Top Load Smoker

  • The heating element is 250 watt which is reasonable heat to smoke fish, poultry and beef.
  • The sided unit is durable and made of aluminum
  • There are removable rack and they are three in number.
  • The dimension of smoker is 14 H x 11.5 W x 11.5 D inches.
  • The pocket size makes it easy to carry and it is portable product by Smokehouse.
  •  The size is perfect for hosting small gatherings.
  • You get to get same features that other smokers offer at almost same price.
  • Big Chief and Little Chief are portable too but they are not pocket size.
  • Here you get not only a smaller version but at same quality.
  • The plug in wire is small so you might have to purchase an extension to connect.
  • This might be an extra expense with the smoker.


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