Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker Review

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker


If you have a good smoker, then you can master the art of smoking food or meat, etc. The availability of smokers offered by different brands has brought a rise in outdoor activities such as camping, outdoor picnics where every out of 5 families is having a smoker behind and a food lover smoking meat and other foods.

The reasons are easy availability, ease of use, affordable prices, and variety in the items that can be smoked, portability and so on. Above all, the amazing taste one gets from smoked meat is finger licking. If you are also in the search process of looking for a right smoker that would offer all the above benefits, then you are on the right track.

Do not fall in the false claims of brands that say we have the best smoker or do not go hard on yourself by buying a heavy size less durable smoker and waste money. To better assist you, we have a study guide of a smoker by promising brand Smokehouse. The Little Chief Front Load Smoker is what you are looking for. To find out why just keep reading.

The Little Chief Front Load Smoker allows its user to conduct average size parties. You can smoke up to twenty five pounds of meat or fish up to your desire without bothering to depend on coal or fire. Coals are really pricey and burning fire again and again is a long task.

This smoker makes it easy for its user to ignite and let the heat smoke the food. Twenty five pounds is a reasonable weight and can let the guests enjoy smoked fish with cold beverages.

One issue that consumers face with smokers of other brands is of technicality. But that is not the case with Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker. The technical factor of Smokehouse’s Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker is same as the brand’s other products.

The twenty five pounds of meat or fish can be cooked using the product’s heating element of 165 watts. Such a temperature range is enough to smoke or grill without any hurdle of waiting for long hours till the food gets cooked completely.

To mention, the main difference of the Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker with other range of products of Smokehouse is of the load position. As the title suggests “top load” is the main feature of this very smoker. You can remove the top to place the meat or fish inside the electric smoker. Just so you know, it is better to load the grids first and then opt to load food into the smoker.

With Little Chief you can smoke or cook jerky, fish, sausages, cheese. The smoker has been facilitating its customer since 1968. One of the main reason of Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker’s popularity is its user-friendly features. It is suitable for beginners as well and one can learn smoking salmon, trout, steelhead, ribs, and piece of meat and be the pro in neighborhood.

In addition to the feasible technicality, this smoker is electrically powered. It is a self-contained smoker cooker. Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker has aluminum construction which is durable. This durability lets the user use the smoker outside homes.

Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker has vast capacity flavor fuel pan. You can have wood flavor according to your taste buds infused into the meat. The fuel pan has also been vented and this helps in dehydration.

To grill, there are grills which are easy to slide and are chrome plated. The grills are removable and there are racks that help in holding the grills. This makes the smoker function just like a regular oven. The Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker comes with a drip pan.

The drip pan is placed at the bottom of the electric smoker. There is also a dishwasher which ensures easy cleaning of the equipment. To better guide the consumer the manufacturers have placed an instruction book which has necessary details on “how to handle” or “how to use” the product without harming your own self and smoker. The instruction booklet comes along with a hickory flavored wood fuel bag.

Some of the smokers’ manufacturers demand for assembling and extra accessories which cost an extra cost to the user. The Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker by Smokehouse comes in “ready to use” package. You do not require a second person to assist you to assemble and then make smoker running.

There is no extra expense required and in case of any query you can always refer to the instruction book. There is also a recipe book. This recipe book has various food items and their “how to cook” methods. So you can always try new recipes, cook meat, fish, sausages, cheese, ribs, steak etc. with new styles and methods. People love to smoke freshly caught fish.

Features of Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric

  • Grills which are chrome plated and easy to slide
  • The product is USA made
  • Removable and adjustable rack to hold grills
  • Instruction booklet, recipe book. 1.75 POUND OF Chips n’ Chunks hickory flavored wood fuel.
  • Heating element which is non-adjustable and works at 165 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Vast capacity flavor fuel pan
  • Dishwasher and dishpan
  • Aluminum construction which is durable
  • No assembly required
  • UL, CUL, CSA listed
  • Some of the smokers and grills out there are very expensive but Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker is very economical and affordable for an average salaried person.
  • The USA made product has genuine parts and strong design
  • Grills are easy to slide and rack which are adjustable hold the grills.
  • There is enough space to hold meat.
  • The temperature cannot be adjusted on your own
  • You cannot use the smoker as cooker.


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