Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker Review

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker


There are various brands for smokers — each one highlighting their unique selling point on and off. But before you go to buy a smoker, there is a bit of homework that is compulsory. Do not worry this one is not boring but yes the better you perform, the more prayers you will get from your wallet. In simplest words know where you are spending. Among many smokers and grills, the brand that does deliver what they promise is Smokehouse.

This brand has different smokers, grills, vault, etc. each having some uniqueness with zero compromises on quality. Now, what makes this brand so executive or something that makes this brand stand among many? Well, read out the detailed review of Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker given below. It has got every needed detail that will be beneficial in better guidance.

Technical Features of Little Chief Front Load Smoker by Smokehouse:

  • Enjoy smoking fish or meat up to 25 pounds
  • The Product has an heating element of 165 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • The chrome plated grills that are easy to slide
  • Good capacity flavor fuel pan. You also get a dishwasher.
  • Instruction recipe/booklet along with a bag of Chips n’ Chunks of hickory flavor wood fuel
  • For outdoor use there is a durable aluminum construction
  • Two year Limited Warranty
  • UL, CUL, CSA listed

Detailed Description of Features and Design

Little Chief which is also famous as Lil Chief is one of the famous range of products that Smokehouse manufacturers. The Smokehouse Products are beating the market since 1968. The brand and this product in particular has been one of the top most favorite by fishermen in particular. The reason is that it allows you to smoke meat or fish up to 25 pounds. The fishermen with ease smoke steelhead, trout or majority’s favorite salmon. The smoke fuel pan is large. You can easily place wood chips and burn the fire to smoke the food.

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker has a very different design and easy to handle features. The basic requirement is to know how to control the temperature. The guidance of temperature handling is provided to the purchaser. You get a book in which dos and don’ts adequately mentioned.

Just follow them and enjoy smoked food with your mates. 25 Pounds is good enough weight to serve average quantity of guests that you have invited. So if it is a small birthday party or just a regular get together it is the best smoker for you. Along with a dos and don’ts guide book there is a dishwasher too.

Of course, mommy wants clean kitchen! The dishwasher in the Little Chief Front Load Smoker makes it easy to clean off the grease or oil dropped from the grills. Cleanliness and maintaining the whole food process is simple for the users.

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Loader has a heating element of 165 Degrees Fahrenheit. This much of heat lets your meat be cooked. With 165 degrees you can cook jerky, fish, sausages, cheese etc. So another worth mentioning point, you are not confined to cook just one food. Enjoy according to the seasons or the special demands by your boss.  Moreover the grills are chrome plated and easy to slide. The easy to slide feature lets the user flip the meat so that it can be cooked completely.
Obviously, you would not want half raw meat right when you are about to enjoy your favorite cut of meat. The grills have reasonable gap and one can place fish, sausage, and jerky with much ease. Some brands give out smokers with less space in between the grills. In such case, whatever you are cooking, lets suppose fish then the chunk of the fish suffocates inside the smoker. Every side then misses the required amount of heat. One may be over-cooked while other totally raw with a weird fish smell coming. But the Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Loader’s grills have no such issue.

The rates are very affordable. This is one main good feature about the products of Smokehouse. The consumer knows that he/she gets quality within the right amount of price. Many other smokers of even known brands are too pricey. They not only costs heavy for the smoker but at times demands for extra accessories for assembling which then becomes extra expense. As far as Little Chief Front Loader is concerned you can get it at a very economical rate. There is no issue of assembling. It is one ready to use product that comes with two year warranty. Two years is a good time to get to know how to use the equipment and if any issue occurs, the user can claim.

It is perfect not only for the experienced campers but even beginners quickly learn how to smoke food. The durable aluminum constructions lets the consumer to use it for outdoor activities. So in case you have thrown a pool party and want some smokey meat, don’t worry everything will be under control. Just place the meat, set the temperature and enjoy your time.

  • Some of the smokers regardless of size are so heavy that despite the fact they are made for outdoor use yet you cannot move them single handedly.
  • A lot of sweat has to be dropped to move a vault smoker and load it in the truck or even move from back lawn to a nearby built shed to save from rain.
  • But it is different with Little Chief Front Loader.
  • The design and the over-all construction is light weight and you can move it in or out as per your will
  • It is great for smoking different food. You can add the wood flavor of your choice and enjoy.
  • One issue is the temperature gauge is missing hence if you want to decrease or increase from 165 degrees Fahrenheit then you cannot have the free will to do so.
  • This smoker does not has temperature control.
  • Also it is not recommended if there is a large cut of meat such as turkey to smoke.


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