Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker Review

Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker


Smokehouse has been creating competition since ever. Every product of the company is worth positive reviews. There are other competitors in the market too but when you want quality, good rates, portability all together then it is Smokehouse that is highly recommended. Barbecues on an off day with family and friends are always fun. The reason we have chosen Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker is that this smoker allows buyer to smoke up to 50 pounds of meat. It is indeed a great smoker for those who love to enjoy smoking meals with friends and family. Fifty pounds of meat or fish can easily be smoked and you can invite a good number of people to your place for barbecues.

The design of Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker is elegant. It has been constructed with the “ease of use” concept in mind

. You will find five grids in the smoker. On them there is free will to smoke different items for example if you want to smoke fish then you can smoke or grill salmon, trout and steelhead, if you are a cheese lover then you can give smoke flavor to your cheese, there is free will to smoke large cut of meat (weighting 50 pounds), enjoy turkey on thanksgiving, smoke sausages, ribs and the list will go on. The five grids gives enough space to cook or barbecue above mentioned items.

The manufacturer made sure to add heating element of up to 450 watts. This much of temperature or heat element shall not let your food be under-cooked or half smoked. The reason is that 450 watts heating element generates up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit heat.

Enough amount of heat to slow cook your favorite meal. The simple design of Big Chief Top Loader requires its user to just plug in the smoker into outlet at his/her place. Point to note here that is not advised to use it for commercial purposes.

To add more about the design, the girds are removable. This lets you to add the raw meat or fish etc. onto the grid and place it back into the smoker. Move to switch on the smoker at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This is better to than to bother to load each grid at a time. Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker has always been one dedicated product. It has a wooden chip pan.

This wooden chip pan has its own drawer which saves your energy in regards of adding wood chips repeatedly into the smoker for smoking. The low smoke feature adds extra taste of your favorite wood fuel to the food item. Hence do not place a large size of meat because they require more than 165 Degrees Fahrenheit to cook and this smoker facilitates heat of 165 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The smoker’s construction is strong and it does not weary in tough climatic conditions but it is better to keep the smoker covered with something to avoid rain or dust to ruin the internal system. Though Smokehouse products come with minimum two years of warranty but why take risk because we know precaution is better than cure.

Main features of Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker

Interesting features have been discussed in detail above, but just to sum following are features of Smokehouse Products Big Chief Top Load Smoker:

  • It is a great smoker for smoking fish, beef and poultry.
  • The 450 Watt electric generates up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit heat which is beneficial for slow smoking.
  • There is an electric cord to plug into the outlet at home. You get five grills, rack and a flavor pan with the packing.
  • The rack in the product is removable with five racks. You can smoke up to fifty pounds of meat or other products.
  • The design is of reasonable measurement size with 24.5 inch height 18 inch with x 12 inch dimension.

Some loyal consumers call Big Chief as old school. The reason is that ever since it came into existence the product did not try to go along with the technological era that we live in. You will not find digital controls, WIFI or Bluetooth. To be honest it is a good thing, at times going manual saves you big time more than going automatic.

One cannot trust these smart gadgets to be connected through any wireless systems with smokers and disrupts the whole cooking process. Also not everyone is a techno person or feels comfortable with technology infusion into products.

In fact the non-technicality of this smoker makes it even more reliable. You get a great result in the form of good smoked meal. This is highly recommended smoker for the ones who love to smoke bacon, ribs, fish and jerky because is perfect for slow smoking.

Make sure to plug the smoker into the right outlet as wrong choice may effect in short circuit. There are instruction booklets included with range of products offered by Smokehouse. Big Chief has been making life easier since ages and is favorite of fishermen too. The wide capacity and good number of grids let them smoke freshly caught fishes etc. Totally worth the expense.

  • This is the right product for you if you are looking to smoke fifty pounds of meat.
  • The heating element works on 440 watts and produces 165 degrees Fahrenheit which is good enough for slow process of smoking.
  • If you are interested in loading food on the front than this is your product.
  • Do not forget to remove top load and it is easy to load all the five cooking girds at once.
  • If there is a large piece of meat that you want to smoke then its requirement would be more than 165 degrees Fahrenheit heat but this smoker can manage only 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In such a case you would want to keep the search going.
  • Also it is limited for slow smoking. Nevertheless, slow smoking comes with great taste, totally worth the purchase.


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