Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Propane Gas Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-InchVertical Propane Gas Smoker


So many Gas Smokers each having some uniqueness to offer. Different features coming with different prices. Every new item having something new to offer but of course at a certain cost. Nothing is free in this world right? Are you too looking to buy pellet grills? Backyard smokers? Patios and their covers? New to all these things right? Or an expert aware of what notability that is compulsory in a smoker? Well, good news! You are at the right place.

Here today for our discussion we have Smoke Hollow and its product 44241G2 44-InchVertical Propane Gas Smoker. This study guide will assist you in taking your final decision fast and you can know if you are choosing the right product for your home or commercial purposes-self-satisfaction.

Yes Smoke Hollow has been beating grounds of smokers since 2005 that makes it fourteen years from now. This brand has have served millions of customers day and night and have high satisfaction rate from customers. Smoke Hollow has a variety of product range. You can find electric and non-electric smokers, grills that serve both home and food businesses. Smoke Hollow is a favorite of fishermen too. The reason is they get to smoke freshly caught steel head, salmon and trout fishes.

One thing that is common in all products of Smoke Hollow is quality. This brand never compromises on quality. Now let’s discuss in detail salient awesome features of Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-InchVertical Propane Gas Smoker. For a smoker of this 44’’ inch size the price is right at point. Nevertheless, Smoke Hollow is a very strong product. It constructed out of durable and heavy- duty metal.

This much of strength not only can deal with the heat you turn on but can deal with tough climatic conditions. Some of the customers of known compatible brands complain that when we order smokers online the final product that we receive has some faults in the design. The dents occur during the shipment or whatever mode of transport the company is using to deliver their product.

You will not face this issue when you order this big size smoker by Smoke Hollow. Moving on further to the design. The Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-InchVertical Propane Gas Smoker has a door which comes with convenient handle that allows the user to open the smoker at ease. It is better not to open the doors again and again when the food is in cooking process.

This affects the cooking process and you might not desired results.  This model features a built in thermometer and thermostat. Both are essential to monitor the internal temperature of smoker and also the food temperature. Using them you can see if your food is ready to cook. Has the fish reach the complete target? You can see if smokey flavor needs to be infused into the item that you have placed to cook.

With the features so far mentioned and in particular these two thermostats and thermometer for sure price is more than satisfactory. Most of the smokers lack these features or have any one of them. But if you intend to sign up for Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-InchVertical Propane Gas Smoker then the purchaser gets an edge. But be careful while dealing with thermostat dial as it is little delicate to use. You can set consistent temperatures that tells if it is cold outside or hot.

Some top and excellent features smokers tend to work less efficiently when the outside temperature drops. Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-InchVertical Propane Gas Has two vents. Both of the vents are different. One vent by the manufacturer is located at top while the other can be seen at bottom. These vents are adjustable. It is an advantage because vents allow for slight temperature changes. Such offerings are important considerations when you go for the purchase of a smoker.

Double insulated walls make a smoker strong. As mentioned earlier, this smoker has durable constructed design good enough to deal with climatic conditions that are harsher for any grill, smoker, fryers etc. Since, thanks to the manufacturer, 44’’ is great for commercial purposes as well so if you take it out in a rainy season or a windy then it will not affect your unit. If you are having camping with your friends and an unexpected storm hits the town then also this smoker will not be affected.

Smoking has never been this much easy. With time many advancements have occurred in the whole process. So has the most basic thing changed i.e. burning fire? Before you had to buy and burn matchstick to burn woods and create fire. Is it easy to do on a windy day? If not then what to do about that barbecued party you have arranged at your place? Yes, to solve such issues Smoke Hollow 44241G2 vertical propane smoker do not require matchsticks to burn fire. Use the push button ignition system to do the job. It is very simple and all the user need is one push to turn on the whole fire thing. So you get the command on an operation. You do not have to waste any time to try to start. Propane is a blessing in disguise.

Main Features of Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-InchVertical Propane Gas Smoker:

  • The cooking surface area of the regarded smoker is 6.5 cubic feet. It is enough to deal with a larger crowd.
  • With the product, you get cooking grids which are five in number. Among five grids, the two are standard cooking grids while other 2 is specifically designed for jerky, 1 for rib rack and comes 1 sausage hanger. Smoke Hollow has always been considerate about their customers.
  • This smoker has a dual door design and a glass window also to help in giving better look at the food while it is being cooked.
  • There are stainless steel burners each operating (dual) independently for great performance and control on temperature.
  • The water pan is porcelain coated.
  • Temperature gauge to monitor inside temperature of the smoker.
  • An easy adjustable smoke stack
  • To get free from matchstick hurdles an easy push button is located for ignition purposes.


  • Wide 6.5 cubic foot of cooking space.
  • Efficient dual burner and heating unit
  • Dual Door with Window located
  • Five cooking grids chrome plated
  • The doors have some smoke leakage issue.
  • The drip pan is not that efficient in holding onto grease that comes from meat.


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