Smoke Hollow 30164G 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow 30164G 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker


Smoke Hollow is a name of quality. It is that brand which has been winning hearts of barbecued smoked food lovers since 2005. Smoke Hollow has got a diverse range of products. You will find gas and electric both smokers at very economical rates. Why are we talking about Smoke Hollow smokers in particular? Well, to begin with when you step into the market and find various smokers under each shelve it becomes a real head scratching task to decide the best gas smoker. Every brand seems to be promising but of course, some are just hollow boxes which are nothing but costly. Smoke Hollow delivers what they promise.

So go through this guide and get to know some amazing features of a 30-inch propane gas smoker by Smoke Hollow. Here you will find a detailed description of Smoke Hollow’s offering along with suggestive reviews by users who have had purchased the product before and can give honest reviews about advantages and cons of purchasing this item by the company. Smoke Hollow has a variety in sizes, for example, you will come across 30 inches, 16 inches and even 14inches smoker each with slight differences in prices.

Propane smokers can run at 225 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. They are pretty reliable. Some propane smokers can even get boosted to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures are great if you are in a mood of some high texture chicken with your soda. If someone has plans to invite a big crowd then getting a smoker with a bigger size can cost a handsome amount of money. The large smokers or charcoal and larger pellet options can cost at least $1000 easily.

Here is when you must opt for gas or propane smokers. They are pretty affordable and do not ask for much of your time and attention. Also, you can smoke food for larger number of guests invited. The Smoke Hollow 30164G 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker is made up of really strong and durable steel. The construction has been made in a way that it lasts longer and longer. It is perfect for heavy use too i.e. you can do some small business of smoked food using this model Smoke Hollow 30164G. The 30” size works fine for backyard at home purposes and also commercial purposes.

The strong steel design adds to the propane smoker’s durability. This product has a built-in feature of a temperature gauge. Temperature gauge lets you monitor or read the internal temperature of the food being processed or cooked. It is important to keep a check as whatever food item you have placed into the gas propane smoker would not be over or half burnt. Smoking food is a tricky business. It used to be really hard before. All the process that included gathering wood to burn then using match sticks to burn, the air ruining every time you burn a matchstick etc.

Then sitting with your food fixed over a stick or something and rolling it in the wood fire to get barbecued or smokey flavored food item. Such a long and hectic procedure. The advancement in smokers and manufacturers added features grill etc. has reduced this fatigue. This is why now smoking has become not only fun but easy for beginners to learn too.

Smoke Hollow smokers are user-friendly and they are great for even beginners. You do not have to worry about how to run this smoker if you are a beginner. Smoke Hollow smokers are loved by experts too. The features let them use their products with ease and get the desired results. Prices are affordable too and there is a variety of choice to cooking easy.

Smoke Hollow 30164G 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker’s temperature heat ranges in between 150 degrees Fahrenheit to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. With this heat you can add mouth-watering finger licking smokey flavor. You can smoke fish, cheese, jerky, bake pies, meat, beef and turkey to name a few. It is up to you and the recipe demands of how much heat is needed and adjust it according to your will. You will come across smokers which will not give you this flexibility.

There will be a set temperature and you have to smoke or cook everything in only that temperature. This limits you to cook only certain things which can afford or be cooked in that set temperature. Smoke Hollow 30164 G Propane Gas smoker has no such issues. The fourteen years of experience that this company has have made Smoke Hollow one of the top brands having grills, electric and gas smokers, propane smokers etc. The design goes well with the interior of the house of this smoker.

The main features of Smoke Hollow 30164G 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker are as follows:

  • This smoker’s tube burner is made up of Stainless Steel Tube Burner-10,000 BTU’S.
  • The cooking grids of Smoke Hollow 30164G are chrome plated. Good part is they are removable. The chrome plated grids are three and each grid has varied level.
  • The temperature gauge located on front door helps in monitoring and reading of temperature.
  • The ignition system has the facility of push button.
  • The heat range of this smoker is 150 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can smoke a variety of items depending on heat range which is controllable.
  • The temperature is controllable and you can adjust in between 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is user-friendly and one can easily understand the whole system to run the smoker.
  • So this model is great for beginners as well as experts.
  • Though the temperature is controllable but the smoker generated may at times go out of hand.
  • The doors are strong but some users complained they faced smoke leakage issue.
  • Doors are not rightly sealed or fitted which allows smoke to leak.
  • This can affect the cooking process. But the efficiency is not effected as such.


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