Smoke Hollow 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand Black Review

Smoke Hollow 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand, Black


Grills are available in market at a large deal. They occur in different colors but one color that stands out among many is black. Black color designed accessories go perfectly with the interior of our homes. If you purchase a black color grill then there are some benefits that might not seem as important first but they do matter if you look closely.

For example: Black is with no doubt a universal color that blends well with other things placed in the kitchen, room or backyard for that matter. Secondly, in case of black smokers or grill, if while cooking you happened to drop a bit of sauce or something that it hopefully will not be that obvious as it would have been on other colors.

More to add to black design, other than being eye-catching black grill stands the look lasts longer i.e. when the steel begins to get old it might appear on the unit which starts giving a weary look and also when you place black grill outside the everyday dust will not decrease the original look as fast as it would on white or any other design.

The color might not be one basic priority to see when purchasing a smoker but we are aware of other really important features that a consumer would look into before purchasing a grill or a smoker and fryer. Ever since camping and tailgating activities have increased in these last ten to fifteen years or thanks to the boom of the tourism industry, the producers of smokers have got a new pace too.

There are many different brands having different smokers, grills and related accessories to sell such as patio covers and bags. For our talk, we have Smoke Hollow Company to throw light on and its one of the most favorite and top-rated product the Smoke Hollow 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand for our review. First thing first, about the brand Smoke Hollow.

Smoke Hollow has been satisfying its customers since the year 2005. They have been into this industry from a reasonable tenure and so have a wide range of related products to offer. When I say related I am referring to needed accessories for tailgating, outdoor camping, and events for that matter. Smoke Hollow is a brand of quality. Despite a diverse range of products, one thing remains stagnant in their products and that is quality.

Smoke Hollow is the consumer’s favorite brand because of its economical rates as well. The company has different smokers and grills each having a different size and price. On the basis of sizes and a few differences in offering the products price may wary but none would go hard on the wallets of respected customers. Thus, keeping affordability and quality at front Smoke Hollow’s 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand is worth the review and that too in black color design.

This smoker It is the product of the brand’s famous vector series and has some amazing smoking features that other producers may fall short in the market. To begin with, this tablet top grill stand has a temperature range of 175 degrees to 500 degrees. At such heat, you can smoke items like turkey, fish, ribs, jerky, sausages, and cheese-items and even bake pies. You get a choice to have control over temperature. It is an important feature because the temperature at which your cheese may get smokey flavor might not be enough for that salmon you have placed in the unit. So you can alter the temperature range and set according to the demand.
This feature is not in every smoker. There are units that have lesser temperature range or one fixed for example 160 degrees Fahrenheit so you cannot bring items to the smoker that need 225 degrees Fahrenheit heat to be cooked completely. If you go for this product then say welcome to mouth-watering and total finger licking smokey flavored food. Slow smoke-cooking methods are really famous and they are loved by many. Using this gas grill you can enjoy slow smoked meat or even burgers parties.

How about grilled chicken with that chilled beverage? Yes, you can make it happen right at your home with ease no need to go into those fancy restaurants and emptying of banks. Moving on further the cooking grids of Smoke Hollow 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand has a porcelain coated wire cooking grids. The racks of this product are chrome plated which increases the warm-life of food. You can leave the food for a while in the unit and it will not turn cold instantly.

The grids will keep your food warm even if you turn off the smoker. Another great thing about this model is that it works great with other vector series products produced by Smoke Hollow. The producers made sure to keep grill stand to a certain height so that the user can cook, smoke, bake at ease and would not have to bend a lot. Cooking becomes easy thanks to such high considerations by the brand. The Smoke Hollow 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand has a portable design and so you can move in or outside of your place easily.

The interesting features of Smoke Hollow 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand are as follows:

  • The product is compatible with Smoke Hollow: VT280RDS, VT 28081, VT280SS1
  • There is an elevated grill for easy cooking
  • You get rear wheels to move the unit easily and on/off attachment button.
  • This smoker has a tripod design with propane tank concealment
  • Perfect item to smoke at patios, terraces, decks, tailgating, and camping.
  • The Smoke Hollow 280VTS Vector Series Tabletop Gas Grill Stand Elevated grill has easy to use features and the stand size is good enough to make cooking easy for every user.
  • You get rear wheels that can easily be attached or detached so that when you do not want to move this smoker you can detach the wheels and if you are traveling then just attach them back. It is simple to do so.
  • This product works great and is compatible with other products of vector series
  • Some users say it is a bit costly but if we see the features then it is an arguable statement.
  • Though there are wheels attached for easy moving it might be heavy to move but if you take some help from your friend then there will not be many issues.

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