Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Table Top Propane Gas Grill Review

Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Table Top Propane Gas Grill


Camping in hilly areas, pool parties on an off day, a small get together and barbecue planned at home to give a little surprise to dearest person in life. Planned to cook a turkey for grandma today coming weekend? Are you looking for a smoker that you can buy to go camping with your buddies? Then you are at the right corner. No need to turn right or left. Here you will find a complete discussion of a smoker that you can use for camping, tailgating or any outdoor upcoming event you have planned with colleagues and college friends.

For our detailed review, we have chosen Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Table Top Propane Gas Grill. The reason why we have chosen Smoke Hollow as a brand is that this company has been into this industry from a long time and they know how to meet demands and requirements of their customers. Smoke Hollow has got a different range of grills, fryers, smokers and even related accessories that if you buy separately can be a little pricey. Smoke Hollow has been into market since 2005.

Some of the smokers are made in China and so are really economical. If you are doubting about quality then know that this company has excellence in quality. Their products are not only economical but never compromised on quality. The sizes of their smokers differ. You can find 16 inches, 14 inches, 17 inches, 30 inches and even 44 inches smokers! Wow! Reasonable sizes make it suitable for both house people and the ones who intend to use smoker for commercial purposes.

The design is so strong and durable that you can take the smoker for outdoor activities without actually worrying about that predicted storm by news casters and alike. For instance Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Table Top Propane Gas Grill is specifically designed for outdoor camping activities.

Now, since Smoke Hollow has a wide range of products and you are a beginner out there not sure what size to go for or which smoker will go best for tailgating purposes then so we have Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Table Top Propane Gas Grill for you to discuss and share details. This study guide will help in taking better decision.

This smoker has a chrome plated rack which stays warm for a longer period of time. This is a good thing as when you turn off your smoker and you are caught up in something else and is not taking the item out for a while then do not worry the racks in it will keep your food item warm for a reasonable time. The grills which are held tightly by racks keep them hot for your fish to stay warm. The design of this smoker is very portable and so perfect for outdoor activities. The durable and long lasting construction is worth mentioning.

It is durable and robust for you. The grills have a real compact design hence making it great for smoking beef and even food items like sausages, cheese and jerky. The cooking surface allows right amount of lbs. of meat to be smoked. Thus, perfect for medium size crowd gatherings. This smoker has specifically being designed with portability feature in mind. You can carry it or load it in your back of your truck. More to add in the design, the front handles are very convenient and legs of this smoker are foldable.

This is to make user carry the propane gas grill at ease. The cooking surface is 205 This space is good to smoke, bake or cook food for family members at a time. There is also a stainless steel dripping tray. Another feature about this propane smoker is such items like that of dripping tray makes cleaning easier. When you cook meat, fish and beef etc. the grease falls. The dripping tray collects the fallen grease and you can remove the tray to clean it.

But better know not to touch or do any kind of cleaning when the unit is hot or the cooking is in process. You can get burnt or hurt yourself. Along with dripping tray there is also a dishwasher which further makes cleaning an easier job for the owner. Know that this feature has risen demand for the regarded smoker among consumers who are conscious about their calories.

Main features of Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Table Top Propane Gas Grill:

  • The chrome plated racks keep the grills hotter for longer time after the grill is turned off. So the food inside stays warm for a time.
  • The cooking space is of 205 Hence making it great for house and outdoor activities.
  • The table top feature lets you cook multiple food items more easily.
  • The handles of door is convenient and legs are foldable. This make the smoker portable.
  • Having this smoker will hopefully not put the user into regrets.
  • If you are looking for a smoker for outdoor events, tailgating and camping activities then this is perfect as the legs are foldable which makes it easy to place it in the car, truck or whatever means.
  • The racks are chrome plated which keep the food warm. This product is capable of functioning on a standard 1 pound of disposable propane cylinder.
  • There is a stainless steel drip tray which is designed to catch the unwanted grease coming from meat, fish etc.
  • All these features arrive at a very reasonable price and with easy maintenance.
  • Some users gave a view that they faced a bit of difficulty when it was about aligning the igniter.
  • This means you cannot ignite fire with just one snap, you will have to give a few tries to light the final flame.
  • Smoke Hollow’s most of the smokers have one push ignition system.
  • This gives you command to ignite fire when you want.


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