Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit, Black Review

Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit, Black


Having a long weekend and in some mood of barbecue? Have picnic planned with family? Or have a treat to give to family, colleagues and friends on your promotion? Well, to make all or any of the event to happen there is a dire need of a smoker, grill, fryer etc. Many companies are offering them each with their own unique selling point. Maybe yes some of the products have positive ratings while some has different story. But what about price? Here comes real thinking process. Either some brands have less features and lesser price, while some has exact same features that you want but over-priced. Nevertheless, we have got it controlled. Yes, Masterbuilt is the brand that are not only experts in producing some remarkable smokers but at very affordable rates. To discuss we have Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit.

Masterbuilt is a name of professionalism. The manufacturer take pride in some top class productions of fryers, grill, smokers and related accessories. Their products have a wide range that benefits both commercial and house families. Each product has a unique service or function. The Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit has got our attention and so we need yours. Here is why:

The model MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit is ideal item for smoking bacon, cheese, jerky, fish and beef. The company has built this slow smoker kit for longer smoking times at lower temperatures. You get up to six hours of continuous smoking which is great to give a barbecued flavor to your meat. The MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit is compatible with other digital electric smokers of Masterbuilt.

This enhances the functionality of the smoker kit as there is no compatibility issue. Cooking, baking smoking food requires a sound control on temperature. You will come across brands that will be missing this main feature. You are bond to cook or smoke under the pre-set temperature by manufacturers you preferred.

This is not the case with Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit. You can set the temperature according to the demand of your recipe. Of course, fish will require a different temperature range to smoke while cheese different so you get a choice.

The cleaning system is feasible too. Smokers that a water pan in the packing helps in easy smoking. The job of water pan is to create moist, hot environment which is important for smoking. Also it retains heat and stabilize the temperatures. This saves the smoker from unwanted temperature fluctuations.

This model supports 25 to 50 pounds of meat to smoke. Which is good enough for average size parties or get-together. Moreover, the wood feed system is very feasible of this product. So smoking becomes fun as you do not have to face struggles loading wood chips in the wood chip tray. One important problem that you need to keep in mind is some smokers require to open the doors of smoker to add wood chips. This causes two issues:

  1. Heat is loss
  2. Internal temperature misbalances

When the heat is loss the set internal temperature will fluctuate and hence the heat needed to cook food escapes from the smoker. It leaves your food half cooked and hence a very bad impression on the guests. For sure you would not want that. It is imperative to check onto the wood feeding systems of every grill or smokers you are looking at. Masterbuilt’s designs are not only elegant but also has required features like that of water pan and wood chip tray. The user-friendly digital system works perfect with today’s technology. You can connect your smart phone with the digital smoker. Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems, just connect the digital electric slow smoker kit with the smart device and turn on the smoker. Using the smart system, the temperature can be adjusted so you do not have to again and again stand up from your place and adjust physically. The smart application also helps in keeping check on the temperature of your food that you have placed in the smoker.

Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit is user-friendly and the black design just adds to its beauty. Will go perfect with your furniture too.

Features of Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit:

  • The smoke stays consistent when you the temperature is set up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is suitable for cold smoking as well.
  • The smoker’s temperature lets you cook or smoke trout, salmon, steelhead, sausages, ribs, steak, bacon, chicken, cheese and jerky.
  • The wood chip system comprises of automatic heating. You need just one push of a button to turn it on.
  • Using the continuous wood feed system there will be smoking of up to six hours of smoke without the need of reloading wood chips repeatedly.
  • You can easily attach Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit by using the side wood chip loader.
  • Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit is a great addition to regular smoker.
  • The product has a gravity feed mechanism. The gravity feed mechanism assists slow and continuous burning of wood chips.
  • You get minimum six hours of continuous smoke.
  • It is a reasonable amount of smoke that will stay consistent.
  • This kit is great product for smoke delivery. One important benefit of this smoker is that it has a good space of wood chips.
  • The vast capacity of wood chips allows you to add wood chips as much as required in one go.
  • You do not need to add chips again and again.
  • Another thing that will satisfy you is you are not restrained from smoking or cooking only one item.
  • You have choice of meat, beef, fish and cheese items.
  • With the product you get a large ash tray. You will not need to empty it soon.
  • sers have complained an issue of smoke leakage.
  • Some found fault of smoke leakage from the top lid of the slow smoker kit.
  • The handle and stand is absent and this product is not portable. Sadly, the heavy duty extension cord is not included in the package.


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