Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker


Masterbuilt has “mastered” the art of producing some A-plus quality cookers, smokers, grills, fryers. This is why in terms of ranking they do have an extra edge on manufacturing some great barbecue-accessories, backyard griller. Masterbuilt does not confine its dedicated customers overcooking or smoking only a thing or two. If you love some chicken-roasted or want to enjoy burgers go for this brand. If you are a cheese-lover and want to have some baked cheese or smoked flavor with your favorite mozzarella then we have a smoker of this to offer.

Numerous different smokers, grills, fryers, cookers are seen placed in the kitchenware section in superstores. But before you pick one know what you are buying as everything comes with a price.  There are portable, non-portable, mini-size, digital, non-digital, electric smokers out there. So if you are still in the search for right kind of electric smoker then we have Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker for you. This study guide speaks on the features and design of Masterbuilt’s electric smoker. You will also find some quick to read pros and even cons to get a better complete picture of Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker.

Main features of Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

  • The design of this electric smoker is simple. It is feasible and perfect for beginners as well as the ones who are aware of using smokers or have been doing barbecues, smoking meat from a considerable time.
  • The Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker has a heating element that works on 1400 watt and two chrome-coated smoking racks. These racks have twelve square inches distance among them.
  • You get a control to temperature setting.
  • The temperature gauge placed on the door makes reading easy for the purchaser.
  • When you buy this product you get a wood chip tray and also a water pan.
  • It is the perfect item if you are a camper, planning a road trip or tailgating.

The manufacturers are of the view that this model is great for people who are into camping. It can be used for road trips and even tailgate purposes. The electric smoker measures 23.42 x 23.62 x 15.94” and weights total of 21.6 pounds total. Such a weight do sounds heavy but on the bright side it can then hold good space to manage large amount of meat to cook or smoke. It is portable and so you can carry where you want to host your party but yes the weight can make it a bit difficult. However, you can purchase a special bag separately. It will cost you $42 but one time purchase and long term ease of carry then.

The heating element of 1400 watt comes with two chrome-coated racks. These racks have a surface having 12 square inches both. You can smoke meat, beef, fish, sausages, cheese, ribs and steak. There is an open choice to cook, to smoke, to fry and to grill. You also get a temperature gauge on the door. The temperature gauge is a blessing because you will find many smokers missing this feature. With temperature gauge you can easily read the internal temperature of your smoker and it serves as a blessing because if you do not have a temperature gauge then you will not have right information about the ongoing temperature. The meat may either be getting too much heat and hence get burnt or less heat leaving half raw and inappropriate to eat obviously.
There is also a water pan and a wooden chip tray. This chip tray is removable. The heat control system requires no extra technological knowledge. There is low, medium and high setting of heat. So just adjust the temperature according to your recipe’s demand. The smoker has some metal legs. The metal legs benefits in standing and are foldable. Hence, easy to move from one place to another.

Still confused about how exactly this smoker should be used? Well, to begin with, place a tinfoil under the smoker and also over the bottom rack. This is a precaution to stop grease from splashing on the water pan and the wood chip tray. Do not forget to fill the tray with wood chips. Just like ovens demand some preheat, the smoker requires too and same like oven for half an hour or maximum forty five minutes.

The pre-heat time duration depends on the temperature you have set. Because just in thirty minutes the temperatures can go to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Now the other task needs to place meat, fish or whatever item you want to smoke on the rack. Also to mention, during the smoking process, you will be required to empty the tray and refill it repeatedly.

Do not worry it will be required every once two or three hours most probably. When you are sure that your food is fully cooked just turn the smoker off and wait till it cool down. Note: Do not begin to clean till the smoker is fully chilled or you will get some bad burns. Thanks to the manufacturers’ smart thinking, the racks are removable and so this helps in cleaning the smoker easier.


  • The total weight of the smoker is twenty two pounds. This much of weight is not hard to carry. As the name suggest this electric smoker by Masterbuilt is portable so you can carry it around for your outdoor activities.
  • The water pan and wooden chip tray is added. The wooden chip tray is removable and so you can add wood chips with ease and also clean it when the smoker is not in use. Just make sure do not do it when it is hot. You can add wood fuel flavor according to your wish in your meat or whatever you are smoking.
  • Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker has steel legs which are really strong. They are foldable so that the buyer can transport or store it wherever he/she desires to.
  • It comes in ready to use form and no assembling is required.
  • The company gives just ninety days warranty of this product so after that you are on your own if any issue occurs.
  • Also some have complained that the grease catcher gets clogged. Yes that is not a good news.


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