Figures / Wotakoi: like is difficult for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

Figures / Wotakoi: like is difficult for Otaku.Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.

Characters being in Wotakoi: appreciate is tough for Otaku. Avoid potential spoilers.

The heroine, whoever want to cover the girl otaku welfare from their latest officemates backfired quickly whenever their youth friend Hirotaka outs the girl. They later start dating. This woman is a fujoshi which also wants otome games and idols, and she produces and pulls doujinshi both as a spare time activity also to make money on the medial side at Comiket.

  • A-Cup Anxiety: Hanako are loaded. Narumi is not (as an omake page would like to tell you). Hirotaka wants to talk about Narumi’s decreased possessions, a Berserk Button on her that causes their to throttle and swear at your. She actually gets jealous of this busty figurines on Hirotaka’s rack, switching these to face the wall structure. One illustration from a collection of responses to fan guidelines has actually the girl obliterating a table full of demands she develop breasts utilizing one fist.
  • Affectionate Nickname: “Naru” to Hanako.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Narumi surely likes men—she’s at this time online dating Hirotaka, has actually only ever had men previously, and it is a Yaoi Fangirl—but there are many than various evidences that she locates Hanako attractive, such as for example just how she usually privately notes to herself what size Hanako’s chest is and just how she almost drools over Hanako’s Hot Witch avatar during the RPG they bring. She in addition occasionally discusses creating “waifus” (a term often used in fictional female characters), but it is never explained just what genders of the lady “waifus” include.
  • Youth Friends: She and Hirotaka were elementary and secondary school class mates. Whenever they reconnect, it will become a Childhood Friend relationship.
  • Clingy Jealous lady: Downplayed; but Narumi never ever takes it better when she more than hears additional girls contact Hirotaka appealing. She and Kabakura also angrily shoot down Hirotaka and Hanako’s fooling tip of changing associates.
  • Dresser Geek: ahead of the start of the tale, she hid this lady otaku passion from we she know and meant to perform the exact same at this lady brand new job, especially since this lady earlier boyfriend dumped her after finding out she ended up being an otaku. Hirotaka outs this lady very quickly, however, and she afterwards remarks how wonderful it’s to express their geeky hobbies aided by the other main characters.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Pinkish. It’s her locks shade and it also features within her clothes.
  • Pretty Clumsy female: She goofs upwards a lot when first starting this lady brand new task, including creating a huge selection of bad copies, but she actually is not less adorable for it.
  • Girly Lady with a Tomboy Streak: She wears lots of green, wants adorable activities and also for the more role is pretty girly, but she can slip into harsher, much more male speech when she actually is mad and is also equally keen on shonen manga as she is of BL and otome games. This is certainly ideal exemplified by the lady MMORPG figure, that is an elf woman dressed in frilly red clothing; Kabakura thinks she must certanly be a summoner, but she actually is really an assassin since she wants having higher assault and speed stats.
  • Have a sort: Mentions that tall, scary-looking dudes like Kabakura usually are much more her kind, but she gets with Hirotaka, that isn’t like this at all.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: While this woman isn’t related to Naoya, she’s however very defensive of your. Whenever she planning anyone generated your weep, she had been willing to create some pain.
  • Oblivious to Love: Her profile claims that though she actually is got many dating skills, she’s oblivious when anybody is in appreciate together. Indeed, the root motif of the woman and Hirotaka’s story was how she actually is becoming more aware she’s just starting to bring him more honestly as an intimate mate, and yet continues to haven’t fully recognized simply how much Hirotaka truly really likes the woman.
  • Pink indicates Feminine: she’s pinkish hair and clothes from inside the tone, corresponding with being the perky, friendly, girly protagonist.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: sorts and friendly, if quite severe, with peach-colored hair.
  • So what does She read in Him?: Inverted because Hirotaka try this lady nerdy babel dating app youth buddy and isn’t conventionally appealing, Narumi provides a practice of underestimating how many times other female can find him attractive. Hanako also exasperatedly says to the girl that he’s capture.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: wants BL and renders money on the medial side writing and drawing doujins. She clearly refers to herself as a fujoshi more often than once.
  • Your Gotta Bring Azure Locks: Has green locks. Childhood flashbacks show it’s this lady natural colors.

Narumi’s childhood friend and new coworker, whom turns out to be the lady date after multiple after-work consuming periods. Hirotaka was a stoic computer game otaku; unlike the woman, he does not make an effort hiding his passion.

  • Archer Archetype: within the MMORPG the cast plays, Hirotaka’s dynamics is actually a cool-headed, high-leveled archer befitting his character. Scenes where he’s playing beast Hunter both in the anime as well as the live-action movie reveal him utilizing the Wepwawet Bow as his gun of choice besides.
  • Appealing Bent-Gender: evidently makes for a fairly woman when convinced to cosplay.
  • Wild birds of a Feather: With Kou, who he meets and instantly enjoys because of the girl are silent, nerdy, and a talented player like your. It is mentioned by Narumi as actually unusual for Hirotaka, while he does not normally watch group or keep in mind their unique names.
  • Buxom is way better: A believer contained in this; their bishoujo figurines are particularly busty, a lot to Narumi’s chagrin.
  • Color-Coded Characters: azure; their tresses and attention color along with his apparel are all bluish.

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