Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker Review 2023- Best For the Money

Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker


Did you come across an image of a smoker having a large glass door? There is ninety-nine percent chance you saw Char Broil. The name of excellence when it comes to electric smokers! Numerous smokers have glass doors located at front but for Char-Broil it is compulsory. Glass door has its own benefits which we will discuss along with discussion of amazing features that electric smokers of Char Broil offers. The company has been producing grills, fryers, smokers since a long time. It has different ranges of smokers each with its own distinctive feature but one thing in common “quality”. The products by this brand are affordable and easy to purchase. You will find many different smokers that come under Char Broil labels so choose wisely according to your needs and wants. However, to assist and better guide you about smokers and smoking process we have chosen to describe in detail about Char Broil’s Vertical Electric smokers. Why we have chosen this product? You can find it yourself after going through this review. Make sure to read the details before your final purchase! After all it is that important barbecue party you promised your boss and his wife and it is about impressions!

To begin with, glass door facility. The glass door facility lets the chef, beginner, cooking expert have a look or monitor the cooking process. It better saves you from any later unwanted final results. Through the glass door you can see if everything is running smoothly and your smoker is doing its magic to add smokey flavor taste to your food with the adjusted temperature.

Yes, you read it right, “beginners”. Char-Broil Vertical Electric smoker has a user-friendly system and it is perfect for people who have no prior smoking experience. It works great for not just only beginners but also the experts one. The experts do not want any kind of compromise on quality. Beginners neither of course but since experts are aware of how work is done so they expect perfection and Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker is an alternate name of perfection. This product has a modern design and compact. The cooking capacity is of 504 square inches. The 504 square inches cooking capacity can let you smoke and enjoy fish. Barbecued fish with chilled coke will be some meal to have on perfect weather. Other than fish you can smoke cheese, sausages and even beef. However, 504 square inches may get a bit less to the ones who have larger cut pieces or turkey but if you can manage to cut the pieces smaller enough to get adjusted in 504 square inches cooking capacity then you are unbeatable of course!
Other than glass door there is also a temperature gauge which is fitted on the door of the smoker. The temperature gauge is a blessing because it lets you monitor or read the internal temperature. If you ask the ones who do not have smokers with temperature gauge they will tell how difficult it is to keep the check on whether the internal temperature is enough to let their food be cooked or smoked completely inside. There is a certain temperature control. Some smokers have adjusted prior temperature systems for example 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Users or buyers of such smokers have to make sure to only place their meat with the much adjusted time with full check on time as set temperature can either be too much heat for your food or lesser. But the glass door option and temperature gauge which this brand Char-Broil offers saves you from such mental pressures. You can concentrate on working on other things easily while the smoker does its job.


The Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker also has a water-basin and a porcelain wood chip.  The porcelain wood chip is an important ingredient for grill systems. All you are required is to place wood chips and switch on the smoker or grill. Water-basin keeps the inside temperature balance and helps in achieving of smoked flavor meat. Some smokers, grills and fryers require you to get extra accessories to assemble the product into useable form. This becomes an extra expense also you need to then get help for yourself as the assembling is hard when there is single hand working. This is not the case with Char Broil Vertical Electric Smoker. This product comes in ready to use form. Just make sure you order from the right place or even if you go physically to buy then make sure it is rightly packed as there can be danger of getting dents. So make sure of the packing style. The design is strong enough to deal with a bit of bumpy rides but an extra precaution will do no harm. The rates of Char Broil smokers are very affordable. The product that we are discussing is very economical too. The size is reasonable enough to place it in the backyard and enjoy barbecues or grilling during dinners with your favorite people.

Features of Char Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

  • The chrome cooking grates are three in number and they are adjustable. The cooking capacity of this electric smoker is 505 square inches which is reasonable enough to smoke chicken, fish and beef etc.
  • The strong design of Char Broil Electric smoker has double walled construction and it is insulated for maintain the temperature. Such construction saves the product from rough climatic conditions and increases the durability of the product.
  • There is also a handle which lets you carry or move the smoker in case you want to do some cleaning at the place or want to lift the smoker for any reason. Do not try to move while the electric smoker is on or hot.
  • There comes a lid mounted temperature gauge which makes reading of temperature. Also to mention, the temperature gauges come with bezel.
  • You can manage and keep check on temperature at each.
  • The product is user friendly and appreciated by experts as well.
  • It is easy to manage and clean the smoker
  • Rainy seasons may be a bit hard for the smoker and some users have complained about its high power consumption.


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