Camp Chef (SMV24) Best Electric Smoker Review 2019

Camp Chef Smoker 24Smoke Vault Extra Large (SMV24)


Most of the times the issue with gas smokers is that heat generated is limited by the unit who are of the view that they know better. Smoking is always done in a specific temperature range and of course, you cannot opt for a unit that has pre-set temperature as the company believes every food item can be smoked at that lower temperature range.

For a smoker user, it is important to let the consumer know when to increase the temperature or decrease to a certain degree. For our discussion, we have Camp Chef Smoker 24″Smoke Vault Extra Large with Stainless Door and Adjustable Shelves (SMV24) that has a temperature range ranging from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

In other words, it is a versatile version and way better than branded gas smokers available in the market.  But one thing that requires attention is that the body is not well insulated. The door is good enough but there is still a bit of a chance of smoke leakage.

Detailed Guide Review of Camp Chef Smoker 24″Smoke Vault Extra Large with Stainless Door and Adjustable Shelves:-

Smoking is not an easy job and requires certain skills. You will find many brands offering backyard smokers, patios, grills and fryers. Each have their own feature and varies in prices. Camp Chef takes pride in being one of the simplest smokers, pellet grills’ brand. Their products are at affordable rates and some even come with digital smart controls. The infusion of technology into smokers have got both positive and negative reviews.

The view points are diverse. The supporters say it makes smoking easy because when you connect your smoker using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system you can manage temperature controls and turning on and off of smoker using one click of button etc.

The negative viewers are of the view that technology is not that easy for everyone and that at times it do not work well with. Smart devices fail in establishing secure connection with the smoker user hence disrupting the whole smoking process. This is not the case with 24’’ Smoke Vault Extra Large by Camp Chef.

This model is perfect for commercial purposes. The smaller version of Camp Chef’s smoke vault with stainless door and adjustable shelves that is 18” version works fine for home. To add about the 24’’ size this smoker is capable of producing heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You could find more information about online casino canada list. 400 degrees Fahrenheit is enough heat to smoke beef, fish and even turkey!

So if you plan to host a thanksgiving party and there is a large number of guests invited at your place or you have planned tailgate activity than this one is right for you.

The stainless door lacks the feature of insulation. Smokers that have insulated walls have lesser chance of smoke leakage but Camp Chef’s stainless doors despite of lacking of this feature is good to preserve heat and needed smoke. You can add smokey flavor to your freshly caught salmon, to sausages and beef i.e. favorite cut piece of meat.

The temperature is adjustable and you can set according to the heat your food item needs to reach its target. With this heat you can enjoy ribs to chicken, turkey to jerky etc. Usually burning wood using match-sticks is a tricky job and can be hazardous too.

But if you go for this product then this problem will be solved. The product has a matchless system of ignition system.

You just have to push a button and with a snip the fire burns inside the smoker. Usually camping in areas that are windy is hard. This is one of the reasons why people prefer going for smokers now that work by digital or non-digital systems. When you purchase Camp Chef Smoker 24″Smoke Vault Extra Large with Stainless Door and Adjustable Shelves (SMV24) you get a recipe book having different easy to cook, easy to bake recipes.

You can use these methods to try on new things using this smoker. The easy to use features, stronger constructed design and controllable temperature are top reasons why this is a better product to go for.

The 24’’ smoke vault extra-large comes with three air damper valves. The damper valves play an important role in controlling of temperatures inside the smoker.

This is important as your smoker will preserve only needed smoke and heat and shall disperse the unwanted smoke. It is essential to roast or add mouth-watering smokey flavor to the food item you have placed in the smoke vault. You can also use it for commercial purposes and earn some bucks.

The 24’’ is a reasonable size for commercial purposes. So if you are good at cooking and want to try a few recipes using the booklet then why not try this. As far as “where are these valves located?” One valve can be seen on the top of smoke vault while others can be observed at the attached sides.

The adjustable shelves and stainless door makes this model by Camp Chef one of the top priorities.

Camp Chef Smoker 24″ Smoke Vault Extra Large with Stainless Door and Adjustable Shelves (SMV24) has got amazing features:-

  • There are two cooking grids and a jerky rack. So if you want to try jerky with infused smoke flavors then this is just perfect. The cooking grids have reasonable space in between hence it does not let meat to be suffocated and be cooked at ease.
  • There are three adjustable damper valves which works great while in use,
  • You get a door thermometer fixed on the door of this model which makes reading of temperature easy for you. You can monitor the temperature while the cooking process is on
  • Convenient matchless snap ignition is a good feature to go for.
  • Recipes, ideas and tips books are included too.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the smoker is not difficult.
  • Smoke and heat is controllable and precise.
  • You get variety of food items to smoke.
  • The design is a bit heavy to make the model portable.
  • Can be expensive.