Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill With Patio Cover Review

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill With Patio Cover


Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill is advanced style of smokers or in other words a complete should obtain product made by Camp Chef.

Camp Chef is a name of excellence. This company has got unique selling point of being top producer of some nice smokers, pellets, patios, curtilage smokers, grills and fryers etc.

This brand has been satisfying its customers from a very long time. If you are looking to purchase a new smoker or grill and you are not sure of which brand to go for then this study guide is perfect for you.

On completion of the article you will get to know detailed description of Camp Chef’s SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill. You will also learn about extra offerings that comes with this product along with pros and cons that have been deduced on the basis of monitoring and reviews of previous users.

The pros and cons help in better guiding and getting reviews of people who have actually used the product. Each advantage and disadvantage of smokers assist in better taking of decisions. The DLX PG24 is a user-friendly product and you can make buy it if you have any important event coming.

Nowadays, you will find many brands that are producing backyard smokers. There are pellet grills, smoke vaults, patios etc. each with some unique features.

One thing that is worth mentioning is some smokers demand for assistance while some ask for purchasing extra accessories along with main products. These accessories become an extra expense for you.  Like for example if you buy a patio cover it will cost you 55 60$ but know what? Camp Chef is giving you free! It is a short patio cover that comes free.

Patio covers are an extra expense nevertheless worth. When it is a rainy day or too windy. In that case you cannot take risk with those newly bought smokers, that’s when covers come in handy.

As far as Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill is concerned this smoker is a great item to add in your backyard. Perfect addition. This product has dual functionality.

You can use it as a smoker and also grilling purposes. This means it will give some grilled chicken with juicy taste to enjoy with beverages. If you want smokey flavor injected in your beef you can use it at ease.

The features are user-friendly and this is the reason why this very product has won an award of being the Best Value Full Feature Pellet Grill and Smoker in the Industry 2017.

Cleanliness is one difficult job when it comes to smokers. Barbecues are great to have but when everyone leaves and you have to clean the whole unit, it is the real struggle. Camp Chef is a brand of genuine quality. They produce products that fully satisfy customer needs and demands.

This company knows what to provide to its customers and when and so keeping this factor in front the company introduced all new ash cleanout system. The ash cleanout system is the feature that can be found only and only in Camp Chef.

You might come across smokers that have water basins and wood chip trays etc. to make cleaning easy but ash cleanout system is whole new level. The ashes produced while smoking gathers in a certain area built specifically for this purpose.

After the whole cooking process is completed you can bring out the tray and throw the ash away. Just make sure do not touch your smoker when it is turned on. If you do it then there is high level chance you can get burnt or face injuries.

Though the design of the smokers are great and satisfy the safety concerns of a user but it is always better to be careful. Just clean the unit by pulling out the lever to release the ashes from fire box.

The multiple functionality feature can be a great advantage to you if you want to go for commercial purposes along with using at home. This smoker can be used for tailgate activities or camping events as well.

Heading to some more description of Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill With Patio Cover – Bundle (Short Cover).

Mentioned below are some interesting features of Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill:-

  • The cooking space is 570 square inch. This is good for smoking turkey, fish like salmon, trout, and steelhead. You can go for smoking other items like jerky, baking pies, sausages and cheese. If you have a burger party arranged you can grill some burger patty and have fun.
  • Meat temperature Probe and a Hopper Cleanout is interesting feature of the smoker.
  • The auto igniter is great when it comes to burning fire. Usually burning matches and then turning on fire is hard but with this Smoke Pro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill you can use the auto igniter system which requires just one push of a button to start the fire.
  • We have discussed patented ash clean out system above.
  • You also get a pellet purge and grease management system.
  • The smoker features cooking temperature up to 500 Degrees and 25000 BTU/hr
  • An easy system of cleaning when done,
  • Free patio cover bundle which otherwise would cost you 55$.
  • Good cooking space which lets you cook or add smoking flavor to variety of products such as meat, fish and cheese items
  • You get a recipe book which has different “how to cook” recipes that you can try on this smoker
  • The walls are not insulated so there is a bit of smoke leakage issue.
  • Though it is great for commercial purposes but moving is a bit difficult job.
  • Some users say this version is a little pricey to purchase but if you focus on the features it is worth the expense.


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