Top 9 Best Pellet Smoker 2023 Reviwes & Buying Guide

Best pellet smoker 2020My wife has stopped going into the kitchen from the day I’ve brought the pellet smoker.

Are you a food lover? Do you love to cook food? Do you enjoy a little get-together at your home? If you’re one of them, you will definitely love to have a pellet smoker at your home.

You want to know the reason? Well, as a food lovers, we all love to make food on our own. But wait? Not any single one of us will like to stand in the kitchen for too long. Right?

Instead of doing this, how about having an outdoor kitchen? Which provides you an open environment and easy cooking.

And when you invite your friends and colleagues for an outdoor party, I don’t think you would want to stick in the kitchen and doing all the arrangements.

Instead, you want to go out there and enjoy the party with all of your friends.

How about having an out-door kitchen? So you can make food and enjoy the party simultaneously. I think, this will make a perfect combo.

All of this can become possible, only by having a pellet smoker!

Now, the first question which will come into your mind is: where to find a pellet smoke? Right?

So don’t worry. Here we will review the best pellet smokers, with their complete description. And after that it’s totally up to you; which one to choose.

So stay tuned


1. Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker Wood Pellet Grill


Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker with Fold Down Front Shelf Wood Pellet Grill, BlackWhen we talk about buying the best pellet smoker, or the best grill smoker the first name comes into our mind is the Camp chef. A company established in the late 90s has now become one of the leading portable product sellers.

The Camp chef not only makes the best pellet smokers, but they are also very famous in making things like cost-iron, propane water heaters, portable ovens, fire pits and so on.

Other than that the grill smoker of a camp chef is quite advance in technology. You will find an automatic temperature control system, and an easy ash clean-out system as well.

The camp chef product also provides you with a large grilling area so you can cook multiple foods at the same time.

As a pellet grill user,’’ CAMP CHEF PG24MZG SMOKE PRO.’’ Have everything you want in your smoker. It comes with a beautiful design, with great advance system and lightweight, and very easily accessible.

First, the external structure of this product is made up of stainless steel, with a dual top shelf which makes it very convenient and highly adjustable.

This latest smoke pro slide smoker comes up with a digital control system so you can easily cool the steaks with direct flame mode and control the temperature according to your wish.
The advance pellet grill controls the temperature of the grill and uses the optimal amount of heat it requires. The next best thing about the camp chef is its ash clean-out system. You won’t face any struggle while cleaning the ash.

The weight of this product is just over 100 pounds, which is quite good and easily movable. And with rubber wheels in its back make it portable effortlessly.

  • Made up of solid steel components.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Light in weight and portable.
  • The advanced temperature control system
  • Larger cooking area.
  • Auto-ignition system.
  • Wheels are quite weak.
  • Didn’t come up with an external cover.
  • Temperature is 10 degrees higher than it shows.
If you’re looking for the best pellet smoker to buy in 2019.
Then I will surely recommend you to go for the Camp chef.



2. Z Grills ZPG-7002B 2019 New Model Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker


Z GRILLS Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Digital Temperature ControlsAs an outdoor party lover, we all need two things in our pellet smoker. First, it must be all in one, so you can do baking, cooking, roasting and such other stuff in one smoker.

The next thing we look in the pellet smoker is its price, we all want cheap and affordable pellet smoker.

Z grills are one of the companies which can fulfill all of your requirements. Initially, they used to make the private label products for other companies.

But in 2017 they started launching their own products, and till date, they have raised more than half-million dollars within 2-3 years. Their products are cheap as compare to others, but, yet, very reliable.

Z grills ZPG-7002B 2019 is a pellet smoker under 500$.A cheap and affordable pellet smoker, but still it has the latest and most advanced grilling system.

Z grills ZPG-7002B pellet smoker have an automatic temperature control system and the temperature ranges from 180F-450F.

The external body structure is made up of stainless steel so the shining remains for a longer period. And when it comes up to the grilling area, it has 505 square inches space which is more than enough to cook multiple food.

Other than that the automatic ignition system makes it even easier to use, and with that, it produces the optimal amount of smoke according to your requirement.

With the electronic auto-ignition system, the new beginners can operate it easily. And the simple ash cleanout system makes it even simple while operating.
It has a pellet purge system as well, so you can purges the pellets according to your wish. And last but not least, the company provides you it’s cover, so when you’re not using it, your smoker will remain safe and clean. This product has 3 years warranty, so if you’re a new buyer, I will recommend you to go for this product.

  • Easy to assemble and remove.
  • The automatic hopper system can add as many pellets as required.
  • Simple waste disposal system.
  • Large grilling and cooking area.
  • Eight different types of grilling methods are available.
  • Hard to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Extra pellets can generate a lot of smoke.
  • Ash clean-out system is a bit hard to handle.
I can give you two strong reason for buying this product.
First, this pellet smoker is cheap and affordable.
Second, Z grill ZPG-7002B pellet smoker comes up with eight different grilling options.
Among the pellet smoker under 500$, this product is most suitable, and reliable.



3. Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill


Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & GrillDo you want a roaster? And a smoker? And a griller? What about having all in one at a very cheap price?

Whether you have a small family or a large one. Everyone requires things like smoker, roaster and so on.

Here we come with a pellet smoker under 300$, yes, even with such low rates it provides you with multiple options. And if you’re looking for a cheap affordable pellet smoker then Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grillis best suited for you.

Char-broil true infrared smoker has barrel-shaped and the inner body is created by stainless steel and separated from the outer shell by an air gap.

It was designed to perform multiple functions at a time and with its infrared heat technology, this product of the big easy has its uniqueness. It does not require any charcoal or oil, neither need you to maintain the spit rod.

One of its premium features is its inner smoker box, where you can easily put chips or pellet without the air dampers. The unique thing about its smoker is that you can use it as a roaster too, and grill the food at the same time with infrared heat.

And with an inner coating of stainless steel, it allows your food to be cooked at higher temperatures without getting burned. This new technology of char-broil can work from 9BTU-18BTU.

It provides you with convenient outdoor cooking because they do not flare up: because of charcoal and split rods. With 180 square inches wide range cooking area, it can holds up to 25 pounds at a time. And it also comes up with propane powder.
It also has a smoker box to control the flavor of your food. It have a roasting pan in its oven, so you can clean it very easily. The smoker is easy to assemble and comes with proper directions about its assembling process. And in terms of making food, this cheap pellet smoker covers all the areas as an affordable grill smoker.

  • Very cheap, in terms of price.
  • Can make different food at a time.
  • It can be used as a smoker, roaster or backer.
  • Infrared heat cooks the food rapidly.
  • External coating is not durable, can get rusty.
  • Can’t make a large amount of food at a time.
  • Require a high level of maintenance to last long.
If you have a small family and need a smoker, roaster or griller; all in one. Char-broil the big easy is the best product.
And this pellet smoker is very cheap and affordable.



4. Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill 2023


Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Tailgating Package Includes Cover-Collapsible Rack-BBQ LightsWhen we use to travel a lot, we always want to carry all the important tools with us. Among such tools, one is our pellet smoker.

But, when we only use such objects while traveling. First, we want them to be portable, second, they must be cheap. Isn’t it?

One such product is the GMG Crockett pellet grill. This one is a portable grillsmoker, and affordable as well.

The best pellet smoker under 500$ is quite reasonable while traveling, and with its advanced methods and Wi-Fi control system makes it even more useful.

GMG Crockett grill is known as a product of the 21st century, you can take it everywhere with you it is very lightweight.

You can download its app on your mobile and can easily handle all the monitoring with your smartphone. If you love to have outdoor parties, picnics, beach parties, this product is just made for you.

With its advanced Wi-Fi technology, you can handle all its features from anywhere. It requires 12 volts direct current and it contain a 9-pound fuel hopper, with a 219 square inch grilling surface.

The outer body is made up of stainless steel and the temperature ranges from 150-550F. It also has an auto-ignition system and with its latest technology you can operate it from mobile is well.
The grills are created by hardwoods, so your food won’t be stuck on them, and the flavor remains the same. You can bake, roast, sear, with this GMG grill smoker, and this product is most eco-friendly among all.

This product is recognized as one of the top listed products among all. And comes up with 2 years company warranty.

  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Work on very low voltage.
  • Can make different food at a time.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Advance operating system.
  • Small grilling area.
  • Take extra time while heating up.
If you want to save your money while traveling, the best pelletsmoker 2019 for you is GMG Crockett smoker.
It is quite cheap and affordable grill smoker and comes up so many advance features.
And the best thing about this product is its lightweight, which make it portable while traveling.



5. Grilla Grills – BBQ Wood Pellet Grill

Grilla Grills - Silverbac Alpha Model Bundle Multi Purpose Smoker and BBQOut of so many pellet smokers, it is quite difficult to decide which one to select. But when we’re looking for the best pellet smoker for money, we always look towards the top-rated companies.

Grilla grills are considered as one of the best pellet smoker makers, although their products are touch expensive but, if you’re looking for the best pellet smoker under 1000$ then grilla grills are the best.

The new Grilla grills-silverbac Alpha model has its uniqueness, its outer cover is fully packed by stainless steel with all grills are also created by stainless steel.

The lid of this new model is also design by steel, with digital control penal and a 20-pound hopper which is more than enough.

And the name Alpha smoke speaks for its self, this new technology has brought revolution in the smoker’s industry. The new Alpha smoker provides dual-mode control with both PID mode and normal mode like other smokers.

This new system gives you a high command on temperature, and you can fluctuate temperature from 180F-500F. with the auto-ignition system.

It has a total cooking surface of 692 square inches, with the main cooking area of 509 square inches and an additional upper cooking area of 185 square inches.

With this large cooking area, it has a double storage area is well. The grills are easily removable and long-lasting because of stainless steel construction. There is also an insulated cooking chamber which helps in maintaining temperature and quality of grills.

This new silverbac Alpha is made with high safety consideration. So, even, if you’re cooking at a very high temperature, its safety system can control it. And with its large cooking surface, you can cook a lot of food at one time.
So, if you’re an outdoor party lover and love to do a lot of cooking, roasting, baking, and other stuff. The best pellet smoker for yourmoney is this one.

  • Twin storage area.
  • Large cooking surface.
  • Latest Alpha smoke technology.
  • Strong safety system.
  • Insulated cooking chamber.
  • Heavy in weight.
  • Works at 120 volts.
Some people always wants the best of the best products. And if you’re one of them then this new Grilla grills-silverbac Alpha smoker I the best product for your money.
And those who want a smoker with a large cooking area and high quality, for them, the best smoker under 1000$ is this one.

6. Traeger Grills TFB88PZBO Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill and Smoker

Traeger Grills TFB88PZBO Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill and Smoker 884 Sq InThe company was established in the 1990s and from the very first day, they have become the most trusted and reliable company. Even in the pellet grill industry, they have created multiple quality products, and here we will do the best pellet smoker review that they have made.

If you’re a new buyer and want the best pellet smoker 2019 you can start from Traeger and I will suggest you to start from this the best pellet smoker of this company.

Traeger-pro the name speaks for its self. This new product has everything that you want in a pellet grill.

Let’s start from the exterior structure which is formed by stainless steel and with extra powder coating, so it increases its life span and makes it more resistible against rust.

Then we move to the cooking area, the Traeger-pro has a large cooking area of 884 square inches which is most suitable for a family gathering. As mention in the name, the pellet smoker have 34 grills and 6 in 1 technology, so you can make different stuff at a time.

Other than that it is comprised of a digital system, and the auto-ignition system is well. The best thing about this product is it’s all in one system, you can do cooking, roasting, braise, and barbecue all of your favorite meat.
The features it provides are very simple and even a beginner can operate it easily. When it comes to durability; because of its steel body. This product is long-lasting. The Traeger products come with three years warranty. And for a large family, this is the best pellet smoker.

  • Larger cooking area.
  • A high number of grills are available.
  • Most sufficient for large family.
  • It have a 3 years warranty.
  • Touch expensive in the coast.
  • Quite hard to assemble.
As a beginners, we want a pellet smoker which should be quite simple while operating.
The Traeger-pro is one such product. And if you’re looking for best pellet smoker under 1000$, Traeger-pro can become a trusted partner.



7. Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal SmokerSome of us are quite keen on having a smoker, but what we always want in our smoker is something unique and something different.

Here, this Dyna-Glo charcoal smoker brings versatility in the smoker’s industry, and if you’re looking for a cheap and affordable pellet smoker or best pellet smoker under 500$ you must try this one.

The new Dyna-Glo charcoal smoker provides you with high-quality stuff, without any difficulty.

The total cooking area of this charcoal smoker is comprised of 1,890 square inches, with 6 height-adjustable cooking grates, which is more than enough to cook different food. Each grate can hold up to 25-pound food.

It also has a pre-installed door seal which helps in maintaining a good amount of heat, and minimize the smoke loss and improve cooking efficiency. The porcelain-enameled charcoal chamber keeps the briquettes highly tight, so the food can be cooked effectively.

The ash clean-out system is very simple, you just have to remove the steel pan and all the ash will be removed. Another important feature of this product is its steel smoke stack with adjustable flue, so you can easily control the temperature.
And with stainless temperature gauge, it maintains the ideal temperature for smoke flavor. If we take an overall review of this product, it covers all the basics which are required in a smoker. And with its low price and large cooking surface, this product will attract its buyers.

  • Simple ash clean-out system
  • Very cheap.
  • Extra larger cooking area.
  • Large grate system.
  • Ideal smoke induce system.
  • The fuel can be dangerous for its users.
  • Produce a large amount of carbon monoxide.


Those who are looking for a cheap and affordable smoker, this product is best suited for them.
This product can come handy while making a lot of food at a time.
So, this one is also included among the best pellet smoker under 500$.



8. Pellet Pro 1190 Deluxe Stainless Pellet Grill


Pellet Pro 1190 Deluxe Stainless Pellet GrillThis pellet pro smoker can become the best pellet smoker for money. The reason is quite simple. As mention in the name, this is a pro smoker and cover all the basics as a smoker.

So, without wasting any time, let’s check out its features. The exterior structure of the pellet pro smoker is designed by 14 stainless steel gauge. Which provides you with plenty of grilling space.

The latest technology of the PID controller makes it easier to control the temperature. The temperature can fluctuate between 150F-450F, if needed, it can even go to 500F. And with PID programming, it can be handled easily.

And with 13 gauge drip pan, heat detection becomes very convenient. The total grilling space of 1190 square inches is more than enough, and with extra outside rack and shelf, you can place a lot of grilling accessories at a time.

The 35-pound hopper lid and grill lid both are made up of stainless steel and there is an upgraded 9-hole burn pot, which increase the efficiency of cooking. And with heat resistant powder coating and porcelain covering, the life span of grills has increased.
There is a combustion fan in the grilling area to make it convenient for combustion. It requires 110- volt for operating, or 60 HZ or 36,000 BTUs. And with seven years of unique warranty, u can’t ask for anything else.

So, if you’re looking for the most expensive pellet smoker with all-round performance, then this pellet pro smoker can be the best pelletsmoker for you.

  • Very high-quality structure.
  • PID control system.
  • Special 7 years warranty.
  • Extra temperature system for separate grilling.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • Only a touch expensive in price.
You must have read the best pellet smoker review, and after that, I don’t think u will hardly able to find any deficiency in this pellet pro smoker.
It has covered all the pillars to become the best pellet smoker for your money.
So if you’re looking for an expensive pellet smoker, go for it.



9. PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill, 700 sq. in


PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill, 700 sq inAnother very famous name in the grilling industry is PIT boss. Every time, they come with a new and unique product and here we will review, one of the best pellet smoker 2019.

Often, we don’t use pellet smokers on regular basis, we use them only in outdoor parties and such stuff and for that, we always look for a cheap and affordable pellet smoker. Or pellet smoker under 500$.

The key feature of this product is its wood pellet. Wood pellets are very famous for outdoor cooking, and PIT BOSS provides you the traditional wood pellets.

The best thing about these wood pellets is that they won’t let your food burn.

Another unique feature of this product is its standard flame boiler, which is quite simple while operating. There is also a digital control system to maintain the temperature, which ranges from 180-500 degrees.
The hoppers have a cleanout system, which allows you to remove the unused pellets after you finish the grilling.

When we look at its construction. The new PIT boss 700fb is created by heavy-duty thick gauge steel. And the iron grill grates are coated by porcelain which helps in heat retention and easy cleaning.

The wheels are also made by steel so they won’t break while moving. The next important feature is its grilling area.  There are two racks available in PIT boss 700fb.
The primary grill grate has a cooking area of 523 square inches, while the secondary rack has a cooking area of 117 square inches. The upper rack can also be used as a warming rack.

The clean-out system is also very simple. You pour the reusable cups out and easily crape down the grates. You can even wash them with water. The porcelain coating will protect it. The PIT boss gives you one year warranty for this product.

  • Quite affordable in price.
  • Wood pellet grills.
  • Enough grilling space.
  • Strong steel body.
  • Bit hard to assemble.
  • Hard to move because of only 2 wheels.
The pellet smoker with all in one technology is very hard to find. And when we are looking at the best pellet smoker under 500$.
The PIT boss is a company which comes into our mind.
You have seen another best pellet smoker review. If you like this product, you should go for it.