Adam4adam dangling. Designed for free-lance stating in areas of reports, investigations, traditions, special projects and human being benefit

Adam4adam dangling. Designed for free-lance stating in areas of reports, investigations, traditions, special projects and human being benefit

Albert Serna Jr.

Albert Serna Jr. is a writer/reporter/multimedia articles maker from San Gabriel area in Southern California. They have already been printed by several journals including the Huffington blog post and also the WeHo hours. He concentrates on dilemmas of competition, sexuality, personal welfare and queer heritage. Serna has a desire for investigative journalism and ethical, unprejudiced reporting.

  • Era: 31
  • Residency: L . A .
  • Free-lance: Available
  • Handle @AlbertPBJ

Designed for independent reporting in areas of information, research, culture, special projects and man welfare.

Videos editing, record, and generating digital content material for publishing on big platforms.

Knowledge of podcasting, electronic sound recording, editing, and publishing of many major networks.

Trained in several social media platforms such as promotion, SEO, and statistics.

Report on local problem affecting the town of western Hollywood. Prepare, change and submit content in timely manner. Interview options including public authorities, area members, etc., for articles. Record movie, audio for interview and shoot photo to-be printed.

Make use of Arizona Post technical personnel to incorporate the Arc Publishing platform with the SAC.Media pupil site. Assist pupil journalists with writing on the internet and constructing mass media brand name. Work with people discover position in job industry. Guide and present courses in writing and reporting, social media marketing, readers engagement/analysis, and assist teacher of news media in teaching guidelines for collegiate advancement.

Pitch and submit on subjects in several verticals. Use social networking to market tales to curious communities. Write, edit and send content to editor utilizing WordPress blogs.

Bachelor’s Degree in News Media

Connect Degree in Journalism

Cana€™t Buy The Lovea€“You Could Rent They

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He walks in almost forty minutes later, cheerful and wearing the things I would see to be gym clothes, but he doesna€™t seem like the sort which hits the gymnasium on a regular basis. The mild eyes and large laugh along with a slender figure leaves me with no doubt that kid are an escort, and well paid according to him. They are pleasant and nice, attentive of my slight soreness at his tardiness, and apologizes. a€?i’m so sorry, I managed to get somewhat tied up with litigant, i am hoping you werena€™t waiting too long.a€? Ita€™s good. We inquire if it is feasible to go to a coffee shop or something like that, We dona€™t consider ita€™s in my own spending budget to help keep this place nor is it as well moral.

The guy smiles, a€?ita€™s the tv show, we are able to get a€” or perform a€” what you may need.a€?

For 21-year-old Alejandro Esparanza, just who passes the name Sammy D, this dingy motel isn’t only a quiet room are undisturbed, also, it is his workplace. The guy said that once or twice per week he can lease a-room at this hotel and commence the hunt for a customer on various sites like or Craigslist. But aided by the current defeat of Rentboy in a joint energy of the Department of Homeland safety and nyc section attorneys, Esparanzaa€™s ability to find people has grown to become brief. And although this has an effect on his capacity to make money, there was additional towards the closure of Rentboy next meets the attention.

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