50Cc Street Legal Motorcycle Used

Motorcycles Motorcycle 50cc Street Legal Mozambique Malawi Popular XY49-11 LIFO Motorcycles Rico Cheap Moped Motorcycle 50CC 125cc Street Bike Street Legal Dirt Bike We are an authorized dealer for many Chinese motorcycles, which allows us to offer unbeatable prices on our motorcycles. These are great options for anyone on a tight transportation budget, or for people who want an extra toy to play with on the weekend. We are an authorized dealer for many Chinese motorcycles and machines, which allows us to offer unbeatable prices for cheap sports bikes. These are great options for anyone on a tight transportation budget, or for people who want an extra toy to play with on the weekend. We offer 50cc motorcycles if you are a beginner, these fully automatic motorcycles are for you. No shifting, no clutch. It is a scooter that looks like a motorcycle. Original MB5, only offered for sale by Honda in 1982. From what I can say, everything is original except the MBX wheels. The tires are very old, if not original for the rims. There are notches and scratches and signs of use. It starts, works and drives well, the transmission passes smoothly. a little rust and light bites, as shown in the pictures.

Original miles. I have a clean CA designation on hand. Please study the photos, I just took these pictures on 21/01/16. On request, I can send a video of the running bike to your phone or email. About Us: Hatfield Powersports, LLC. is an authorized and related California reseller. We have been active in motorcycle wholesale since 2009 and buy and sell hundreds of bikes every year. Just this year, we decided to sell some of the unique/top-notch stocks to the public at a lower price than the other guys. Coming from a wholesale background, we take a pragmatic approach to selling vehicles, with no upsell fees or hidden dealer fees. Please don`t be alarmed by the low return, we`re just getting started!!! Do not hesitate to consult our used parts and accessories Ebay Store csaccessories26 with more than 1400 100% positive reviews. If you have any questions, call us at 909-303-0409.

Check our warranty inventory www.HatfieldPowersports.com: Vehicles are sold as is, We recommend buyers to contact us before buying if they have any questions. Buyers are also advised to see/inspect the vehicles before purchasing. Taxes and Registration Fees: Out-of-state buyers are responsible for all state taxes and fees of the state, county, city, as well as the fees of administering the titles in the state where the vehicle is registered. All taxes and fees must be paid in full for the vehicle to be titled and registered. California residents are required to pay sales tax based on their place of residence as well as license and documentation fees. NO OTHER HIDDEN FEES OR MERCHANT TRICKS. Shipping: The buyer is responsible for shipping/picking up this vehicle. Payment: The buyer is responsible for an immediate deposit of $500 and the rest of the payment is due within 7 days unless otherwise agreed. The vehicle will not be released for collection or shipping until the payment has completely deleted our account. Take to the streets on two wheels without taking a big hit on your wallet. Our affordable sports bikes offer the best in performance, maneuverability and performance at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you want to buy a motorcycle or several units, we guarantee that you will not find these sports bikes for sale elsewhere at a lower price. What we have here is a perfect custom little frame that shows 3605 miles on the odometer that started as the 1980 “50 Special”, over the next 37 years the engine was eventually replaced by a 125cc Primavera, then a 135cc Polini cylinder set was added along with a few other tasty parts like the Leo Vince Performance expansion chamber and a carbohydrate, which measures about 17 mm on the venturi, added. The tires are new and the scooter starts and works perfectly on the original at primavera donor engine points and the capacitor ignition system. Texas road legal and registrable and insurable as a vintage motorcycle, something you`ll really appreciate when you discover how cheap insurance for vintage motorcycles is. The color is a color-changing variant of the 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra type, the color sees any shade from green to dark purple depending on the angle of light at any given time, certainly a well-done paint job and this color is FAR from cheap. This is a one-kick bike – I charged the battery (which needs to be replaced – has a dead cell) and went to the night of the bike on the spot a few days ago – I hadn`t ridden it in over a month – the choke shot and started with the first kick. The previous owner repaired the fuel tank with a JB weld bead, I would have used a sealing coating in the tank, he developed a small infiltration, it can be seen in photo 2 where the decal has a slight buoyancy – NOS tanks are still available. This decision is left to the new owner. makes a lap through the 6 speeds as it should be.

it will be a 55 indicated with me and I weigh 200lbs. Original manual included, own clear title from New Jersey to my name. On-site pickup is welcome and I can help your shipper with loading if needed – shipping is the buyer`s responsibility. Sold as is – thanks for the research, serious requests can call me – Jett 609-760-1257. Fully assembled, tested and ready to use, this powerful and attractive 50cc tattoo moped scooter is by far the most popular 50cc scooter on the market today. It has a durable 50cc engine that brings the scooter to speeds of 35 to 40 mph depending on the rider`s weight and terrain.